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Contract Programs

This program will help reduce the chance of a tragedy in your family. This will put all in prospective! Which call would you rather received in the middle of the night? Hello mom/dad/wife /husband I am in a situation and I need a safe ride home! Or Hello I am sorry to inform that there has been a tragic accident!

"DDS Safe Ride Home Contract" program is designed for parents/guardians, teenagers, young adults and friends to sign an agreement stating that if they are in a dangerous situation related to driving impaired, riding with someone impaired, reckless driving, peer pressure to drink, physical assault or are stranded in the middle of the night, they promise to call a family member, friend or Designated Driving Services for a safe ride home. The issues facing teens and young adults today are often too difficult for them to address alone. Parents can help by talking to their teen about the rules and how important it is to follow them, especially after research from The Allstate Foundation shows that three out of four teens and young adults say their parents would be the best influence in getting them to follow the rules. We believe that effective communication is critically important in helping family members make smart decisions. We want all family members in the households to have peace of mind that comes from knowing that their loved ones will be responsible in making the right decision if or when that time comes.

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Designated Driving Services' "DDS Safe Ride Home Contract" program will no doubt:
· protect your family
· strengthen trust between parents/guardian, teenagers, and young adults
· avoid tragedy in the family
· avoid a DUI that may cause you to lose your job, family, home or your life
· reduce the damages/injuries/deaths of innocent victims

All that has to be done is that all parties fill out contracts and send back with a $50.00 tax deductible donation. Once we receive contract, your family will receive a packet that will include:

*Copy of contract sign and seal by DDS
*Transportation Card for each signee

*A family night out transportation card
*Contract Card for each signee

Don't pass up on protecting what's most valuable to you!

Teen Contract Form -------- Young Adult Contract Form -------- Parent Contract Form

Contract holders receive 24/7 emergency service!